Rocky (ADOPTED!!)

BREED MIX: Lab/Husky mix
APPROX. AGE & DOB: Born summer of 2014
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large, tall, 62lbs
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Originally from Uluhoktok, a Reserve far North. Arrived in Yellowknife in November 2016. He is smart, high energy and quick to get excited, so needs a job, a jogging, skiing, exercise partner.
PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Very outgoing, adventurous, curious boy with long legs. He loves outings on leash, but moreso, we know he’d love dogs parks, hikes, and other trips to new places. He’ll be gorgeous after he gets a good bath and grooming and some weight. Due to stress in standard shelter he was highly stressed and not eating much. We’ll change that :),and maybe you too.
NEEDS: Regular, hardy exercise: biking, jogging, skiing. No couch potatoes! Needs adopter who knows positive reinforcement, can set limits, fair leader, sets rules and boundaries. Mostly, will work on good basic training.
FAVORITE THINGS: Feeling safe and have someone teach him new things. He’s a smart dog wanting to learn.

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