Roger (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Lab/Chihuahua mix
APPROX. Age: 1 year old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Small, approx. 20 lbs
HISTORY: Roger was found living with his mother and siblings at a drug dealer house that screamed and hit them. They were terrified and only saw that man and his drug user associates. He wasn’t handled as a puppy which is a set back to trusting humans. The drug user who kept the dogs only compounded it.
TEMPERAMENT: Roger is very sensitive by nature, hence, the most fearful of people now that rescued. He is not your average dog for adoption since he’ll need someone who would like to rehab a dog, learn for the dog to trust you, and for Roger to gain confidence.
PERSONALITY: He is playful with dogs he knows, scared of ones he doesn’t. His true nature has yet to have a chance to come out. He runs into his crate for security when scared or unsure.
BEST MATCH: An individual our couple that would like to work with a dog that needs to learn to trust, to get out and be socialized, walked on leash, running, experiencing new things in life. Has until recently only seen the drug dealer yard and Maria’s sanctuary. An adopter who realized this dog would not like you at first, not trust you or want to be your friend. He will take treats from your hand, and that is a good start. Takes time for dogs like Roger to learn to relax which alleviates their anxiety and fear. Rehab time slow but steady…keep the pet in close area with you…little by little you can gain their trust and have an amazing pet dog friend. If an adopter (or fosterer) had a well balanced playful dog, that would also help Roger, or friends with dogs. A house with a well fenced yard.

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