Roo (Adoption Pending)

APPROX. AGE: 3 1/2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large, 55 lbs
HISTORY: Roo came from far north animal shelter in Alberta where he had passed around to a few homes and had little to no training or socialization. The shelter asked us for help to find him a good home.
PERSONALITY: Roo is very affectionate and loves to be pet and cuddled, yet this should be saved as praise when working and teaching him basics, rules and boundaries. He works well with firm commands. His recall is good but still working on improvement. He does not trust all new people when meets them. Hence, no children or a family with a lot of people coming and going. He is crate trained which is recommended prior to people coming in the house or outside. Roo’s personality would be good for a watch dog. He would be good for that when you’re home and when away from the house. He is super loving to people he knows, playful, and very puppy-like.
TEMPERAMENT: Roo has a lot of energy and also is a calm dog after getting exercise. Inside the house he is very well mannered and can be left alone for the day if people at work. Outside he loves to lay in the sun and run around. On walks he gets excited when he sees another dog due to his background of not being socialized when a puppy. Hence, he needs leash work and someone to run with him past other dogs so he just runs on past without causing much of a stir. He has typical lab behaviour yet is fearful of people he doesn’t know if they approach him.
BEST MATCH: Roo would do best with a single person or an older couple that does not have or want children and does not have a cat/cats. We’re not sure how he is with cats and working on finding out. In the meantime, NO CATS.
OTHER INFO: Roo is crate trained yet very good outside of the crate when alone when people away at work. Best to use crating when guests arrive or have him outside. Roo chills calmly in the house after a good run or with strict instructions to calm down. He basically is a lab! Has energy to burn, then relaxes and is a good buddy that needs direction what you expect of him. He is happy to please. Likely not good with cat since he chases squirrels and rabbits if given the chance.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Roo loves to run. He also then enjoys laying in the sun, along with belly rubs, and basic training (a good way he gets attention and loves it!). Chasing sticks! Roo LOVES water and retrieving from it.

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