BREED: Mastiff mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1 year old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium / 60 pounds
HISTORY: Rosie was brought to us after starvation and outside in freezing temperatures. She was so hungry and badly dehydrated. She was very content to be taken care of and warm. She loved her cozy bed, never experiencing anything comfortable before. She has a genuine sweet and loving, old soul.
TEMPERAMENT: Calm, gentle, observant, smart, willing to please.
PERSONALITY: She is settling in nicely after being quite fearful. Likes to be close to her foster humans and foster dog pack. Also enjoys quiet time and just chilling. Enjoys being touched, massaged, belly rubs. Was rescued and the next day she went into heat. Her personality has remained calm and steady. She allows her humans to gently clean and wipe her down. Her tail never stops wagging! She is learning to walk on loose leash quickly and enthusiastically.
HOW IS DOG WITH SMALL DOGS: Excellent. She is being fostered with 4 little ones. Plays and wrestles with them like a mother dog will do with her little pups. Only uses a soft mouth and gentle paw when playing. She chases to play when they initiate it; but she does not catch and overpower the little ones. She lets them control the play.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: not tested but suspect OK if introduced properly
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: not tested but curious and quiet when out for walks and encounters them.
BEST MATCH: Any human that is willing to be the pack leader that leads with a calm quiet demeanor. Loves other dogs, both large and small so would be fine with other dogs to hang out with but also ok as an only girl in her home.
FAVORITE THINGS: Going for walks. Chilling on her favorite couch. Sitting on the back deck and quietly watching all the wildlife; birds and squirrels etc. Playing with her favorite young little dog. Getting brushed, belly rubs and deep body massages. She likes being touched.
Temperament: Rosie is has a very kind soul. She looks at you sincerely with her deep dark eyes, almost like speaking to you. She had been highly traumatized due to the cold and deprivation but coming out of her shell and learning to play and enjoys the love and friendship her foster mom offers. She was rescued along with her young puppies, all freezing and huddled in subzero temperatures with no food or water. Her babies when received immediate socialization and are now adopted. It’s Rosie’s turn now!

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