Roza (ADOPTED!!)

SEX: Female
APPROX AGE: 2 years old
SIZE: Medium/Large (25 kg)
TEMPERAMENT: Roza is a dog with energy and smart, she’s a quick learner and loves to play and be outdoors! She also likes to relax indoors after a good romp with another dog. She is somewhat shy and reserved, and loves to get attention from people who care about her. Roza has a strong willed temperament, and would make a great pet dog for someone who likes to venture out into the wilderness of Canada especially in winter.
HISTORY: Roza was once a homeless, starving dogs on the hot streets of Iran. A wonderful lady who works for the terrific rescue organization in Eastern Canada called Woofy Wishes, which consists of 3 ladies living in various locations in Canada and Germany and of Iranian descent. Woofy Wishes focuses on rescuing dogs from Iran that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and surrendered to shelters across Iran. They work hard trying to find the dogs a place go go (direct adoptions and foster placement) outside of Iran since it is not a very dog friendly country in terms of regulations, culture and religion. They also spend their time looking for passengers to be travel buddies for the dogs and make all the arrangements to bring them over to Canada, especially the huskies, since they should be in snow, not the hot desert!
Check out Roza here:
BEST MATCH: Someone who’ll help Roza get the exercise she needs and the snuggles she’s been aching for. A home with no cats, she appears to have too much interest in them. An adopter who has another dog would be ideal since she loves to spar and chase and also cuddle with another dog her size. She needs someone to help her become a bit more confident in herself, socialized with new things, and taken to dog parks to run. An outdoor lifestyle would be nice, although, she loves coming inside and relaxing. She needs an adopter to teach her basic training, Reward Based….she is very sensitive.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs her size! Be it with the two-legged folk or with her four-legged kin!


This is Roza. She’s two years old. Not very long ago, she was found wandering the desert in Iran. She just landed in Alberta a few days ago and has been seeing an entire new dog (and human) culture. That’s a lot of experience packed into a very short time (and I don’t even know the half of it). When I picked her up from her foster home, she was excited to jump into my car. When we started moving, though, she didn’t seem too happy about her circumstances. I pulled over to calm her anxious shaking. With a few more drives to fun places she may be less anxious in the car (I can only speculate where all her previous drives have taken her). When we stopped at Upper Kananaskis Lake, she jumped out of the car as soon as I said to “come on out”. She speaks two languages: Persian and Body. When I offered my limited (and horribly accented) Persian to her, she insisted on sticking with immersion in English. She helped me gather the things we needed for our hike and we set off. We followed the perimeter of the lake for a few kilometers and met several friendly humans and squirrels. Roza’s nose worked non-stop smelling the lpoop and tracks of mammals she’s never seen before. Her eyes seemed to have the motion detection of a toad or better.

Her different coloured eyes are a phenotype associated with inbreeding. It’s caused from uneven distribution of pigment (melanin).

Roza is a beautiful and sweet pure dog.

We stopped on the shore for lunch before heading for a short hike elsewhere. I didn’t realize how short the second hike would be until we got a third of the way across a suspension bridge near the start of the trail. Roza laid on the bridge and alerted her supervisor that she felt unsafe to travel on this bridge (in either direction). After attempted carrying, negotiating, pulling, persuading, bribing, and general sweet talking, Roza agreed to vacate the bridge.

Do you know someone who would love this sweet girl?

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