Ruby (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd X Husky
GENDER: Female
AGE: 10 months(approximatively)
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium(43 pounds)
HISTORY: Ruby came from a reserve where she was found, skinny, starving, and homeless.
TEMPERAMENT: Calm in the house, energetic outside, loves playing.
PERSONALITY: Ruby is still young and is learning to be the great pet we know she can become. Ruby tends to be calm in the house if she’s had the opportunity to spend her puppy stamina. She’s a very affectionate girl who loves to play.
GOOD WITH DOGS? Good off-leash. Very playful. Can become over-stimulated and needs time outs.
Not good on a leash. She needs someone that will work towards changing her emotional state when meeting other dogs on a leash; she becomes frustrated(probably from not being able to get to the dog) and will lunge and bark until the other dog has passed.
GOOD WITH CATS? No. Will chase a running cat and could possibly hurt it.
GOOD WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Very strong prey drive for squirrels and wildlife in general. Fully focussed on sniffing/tracking on walks.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Friendly to all humans. Little to no barking. Super calm and quiet in the house. House-broken. Shows sign of separation anxiety/boredom when left alone free in the house, best to keep in a crate(she is crate trained). She is an escape artist; she needs a secure yard with high fencing and supervision when left out. She’s obedient in the house. Outside she gets distracted easily. Her recall is OK. Socializes well with other dogs off-leash.
BEST MATCH: Someone patient, willing to work on basic behavior and leash training. A home with another dog would be great for her.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food. Outside squirrel hunting. Playing with other dogs. Sleeping in the house.

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