Sasha (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd/Lab Cross
GENDER: Female
APPROX AGE: 1.5 years old
SIZE: Small-Medium
HISTORY: Sasha and her Momma were dumped at the front door of the Sanctuary in Tijuana starved and dehydrated.
TEMPERAMENT: Sasha is very sweet, and would love being with an active family who wants a large breed personality in a smaller dog! She looks just like a shepherd, just much smaller! She is an absolute ball of energy and loves new things. She loves hanging out with humans of all ages and would do well in a family with other dogs or as an only dog as long as she has the chance to be outdoors and stretch her legs! She is such a playful little pup she acts as though she’s only 8 months!
BEST MATCH: Sasha loves going on runs, hikes, and just being around people! Someone who will teach her to mind her manners, and what the rules and boundaries are. But most importantly, someone who is active and will bring her adventuring!

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