Scrappy (Adoption Pending)


BREED MIX: Chihuahua mix
APPROX. AGE: 18 months old
SIZE & WEIGHT: 9 lbs
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Scrappy was trying to survive on the streets of Mexico when Maria took him, shortly after she found what sounded like a nice adopter in Tijuana. Maria later learned the woman kept Scrappy in a cage since he was not housebroken and decided she didn’t want him, gave Scrappy to her boyfriend who put Scrappy back out on the streets! For 7 months Scrappy lived homeless again until Maria found him right before she left for Canada. Scrappy was one more addition to the 17 dogs she already was driving to Canada.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Maria said Scrappy is very good natured.
FAVORITE THINGS: His favourite thing to do is RUN! That’s typical of chihuahuas, they love running!
PLEASE NOTE: Scrappy is flying in with a West Jet escort on November 22.

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