Shiloh (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Boxer Mix
APPROX. AGE: 6 weeks old, as of Jan. 25, 2018
SIZE: Medium/Large when full grown
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Found in an abandoned car in First Nation community.
TEMPERAMENT: Shiloh is outgoing, from a shy pup we found under a car seat, to now playful and full of energy.
PERSONALITY: Shiloh loves people, runs to you to play, get picked up. He’s a little bundle of joy.
BEST MATCH: A young couple before having children or single person who knows dogs and has a strong presence and leadership skills. Shiloh needs the time devoted to his for training, education, socialization.
DOG’S NEEDS: He will need good basic training, rules, boundaries, manners, more training, exercise, outings, socialization, and no couch potatoes. He’s doing well with housebreaking, pee pad training, crate training, and now needs to begin recall and socialization. Be nice if had another young dog in the household.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with his sister Sadie, playing with stuffies, and getting attention.

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