BREED MIX: German Shepherd/Lab mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 4 years old
SIZE: Large
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Surrender to an animal shelter far north Alberta.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Sierra loves people and can also be a bit shy at times when meeting new people. She needs her confidence boosted with an adopter who is a leader, who makes her feel protected, not the other way around. Sierra arrived at the Alberta shelter very skinny and with no behavioural training. They worked on her manners and she now knows her basic commands, and she has put on a few pounds. She is very high energy and very energetic – she would be an awesome sports dog! We do not know how she is with kids or cats yet.
BEST MATCH: She is high energy and energetic. Sierra is very smart, so needs an adopter to be smarter than the dog! :). Be a good match for someone that runs, bikes, snow shoes, active outdoor adopter. Sierra can be an escape artist, so need a home with a good fenced yard, or someone that takes her out regularly for runs. No couch potatoes, or adopters without leadership skills. Sierra needs leadership so she has someone to follow….meaning, rules, boundaries, manners, guidance. She sticks when outside off leash, she wants to be with people.
FAVORITE THINGS: She loves to play, chase toys and go into the pool.
PLEASE NOTE: Sierra will be transferred to us in the near future. This is being posted around Sep 9.

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