Silvie (ADOPTED!!)


BREED:Husky/Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium, 8 kg
HISTORY: Silive is a rescue from Kosovo where there are hundreds and hundreds of homeless dogs starving and cruelly beaten and killed. She was saved by someone who cared and picked her up at a grocery store parking lot being attacked by for other starving dogs. Since then she has lived indoors (about 3 weeks).
TEMPERAMENT: She is a very sweet and submissive, smart girl.
PERSONALITY: Silvie is a very calm, polite, shy girl. She gets along with other dogs and cats. She can be timid at first, but warms quickly and loves snuggles. She is very playful, loves to toss small objects (a plastic soup can) around and chase after it. She likes shoes but has not chewed any so far. She loves to sleep on them and relocate them. She walks easily on a leash, doesn’t bark when left inside unless there is a really loud noise or knock on the door. She doesn’t bark much at all unless coaxed by another dog. She is a lovely companion though not sure about interactions with small children since hasn’t yet been around them; she likely would be good with them. She is easily intimidated. Needs her confidence built of with reward based training.
BEST MATCH: She likes affection and a yard to play. A calm pet parent is best. Silvie likes other dogs.
FAVORITE THINGS: Silvie has started to play with stuffed animals, likes balls, and a chew stix. Motivated by training treats.
PLEASE NOTE: Silvie will be flying in with a flight escort on August 23.

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