Skye (Adoption Pending)

PLEASE NOTE: Skye is currently in a shelter up North awaiting transport to us in Calgary around mid-February. Interested people can still apply to adopt.
BREED: Great Pyrenees
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2.5 years old
WEIGHT: 32.8 kg
HISTORY: Skye was surrendered at a shelter in northern Alberta because previous owners were expecting a baby. We know, don’t care much about that reason!
TEMPERAMENT: Skye, like typical Great Pyrenees, has a mind of her own! Not good with cats and do not recommend for children.
PERSONALITY: This beautiful girl is sweet and loveable. She loves to snuggle with people. She is a bit of high maintenance though! She feels she is the cats meow! She’ll need someone to bring her down to earth teaching her basic training, that you’re the leader using ONLY reward based training methods. (She currently resists reprimands, hence, need to teach her first, its fun to listen, EARN treats, be praised for behaviour us humans are wanting. Sky needs happy training, so she enjoys it. It appears, according to the shelter, she likely had the opposite.
BEST MATCH: Skye needs an adopter with strong leadership skills that are fast and fair. No pushovers! Definitely an adopter with outdoor lifestyle to take Skye out for physical exercise, daily! She would need an adopter to take her hiking, running, bike riding, dog parks to run. She needs daily exercise or she can get into mischief. We’ve been told she can chew things if not supervised indoors. We don’t now about outdoors. But another dog to spend time with would likely be beneficial, especially for days can’t get out to exercise. Someone with a large yard to running, playing, romping, and watching outdoor nature. Skye needs Rules and Boundaries, leadership from humans, before the snuggles she likes so much. Keep the snuggles for praise 🙂
FAVORITE THINGS: Likes running freely, squeaky toys, treats and bones, Scratches between her eyes😊. Like all dogs 🙂

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