Smartie (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Lab/Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 1 1/2 yrs old
SIZE: Medium/Petite, 45 lbs
HISTORY: We were called out by ranch owners about two homeless dogs starving and having litter of puppies in the forest. Smartie was not raised by people when she was a puppy, then when young, become pregnant herself. Her puppies began to starve and went in search of food. Half of them wandered to homes in Cochrane, along the Morley border, and found homes, the others were not so lucky. Smartie was caught after a lengthy time, unlike her best pal Blondie, aka Lucy, who was easy to rehab. Smartie needs more time, meaning, a responsible person able to keep her inside and walk outside on leash.
TEMPERAMENT: Smartie is smart! She is so far good around all dogs. Learned to play the other day with another dog who taught her. She likes dogs, we don’t know about cats, but have a feeling, she is no cat killer and would be fine with cats. She has been around a pre-teen and does well.
PERSONALITY: She is very independent, determined, yet calm and beginning to enjoy people showing her kindness and attention, something she never knew.
PETS NEEDS: Someone who will take the time to keep Smartie inside the house and outside on leash only for pee and potty breaks until she has bonded with the adopter (hence, not trying to get out of a backyard). She needs someone who has a calm house, works from home, can go at Smartie’s timeframe to become true friends full of trust. Smartie needs someone to teach her to trust (hand feed), to learn a leash isn’t a bad thing (walk around the house and yard on leash, no tension), someone who’s is at home to monitor her inside and out. She is calm in the house, but most likely would run off on leash if someone dropped it, or push out a car door and take off, or run out of a yard gate, if not under or over it. Her needs come with more supervision than most dogs. She is not yet crate trained, but be beneficial to condition her (used to it, fine hanging inside on a comfy bed in safe place in living room, not try to break out, not panicked, but rather, calm and comfortable with no anxiety = “conditioned”.
MORE INFORMATION ON NEEDS: Martingale collar AND harness and long leashes are needed for her walks/outings/car rides for awhile with her. It potentially can take up to 6 for some previous homeless, leery of people dogs like Smartie, to become 100% trustworthy to take anywhere., BUT IT CAN BE DONE! Just takes time and patience. We know, we’ve done it!
BEST MATCH: A highly responsible pet owner who understands Smartie’s needs and home most the day to be able to supervise her while she becomes more accustomed to knowing her new home. A leader type adopter. Someone who is interested in teaching her basic rules and manners, to come when called, to pay attention. Clickers are best! (reward-based training with a small device known as a clicker. No words, just mark the timing of the behaviour with a clicker, then pay (a treat).)
FAVORITE THINGS: A comfy place to snooze in the shade or cool tile floor.

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