BREED: Labrador Retriever
GENDER: Female
AGE: 1.5 years old
HISTORY: Surrender due to needing more exercise than owner could provide.
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium, on small size.
TEMPERAMENT: Happy-go-lucky, middle ranking, sweet natured.
PERSONALITY: Energetic when has a lot of energy, which is daily! Loves people, playing with dogs, very active, very curious, bold, definitely not shy!
HOW IS PET WITH CATS: Good, however and Adopter to teach snowy she’s not to try and play and chase the cat for fun. Snowy needs an adopter that’s confident two step forward immediately and tell her to stop doing something she shouldn’t be into praise her for what they like.
HOW IS PET WITH DOGS: Good, although no small dogs because she could literally plough them over.
HOW ID PET WITH KIDS: Good, but too active for small children. Children need to be old enough to be confident to tell a dog not to jump.
PETS NEEDS: Basic training, needing to learn to pay attention in the best way to do that is with food since no it is highly food motivated. She’s very smart and will learn once you can gain her attention so clicker work would be the best.
BEST MATCH: Snowy needs an adopter that is not a pushover, that experience and confident teaching dogs what they want and can set rules and boundaries. Snowy needs proper discipline to teach her if she’s doing something that’s not permitted but of course we weren’t based training to teach her what we want her to do. She will learn she just needs a committed a doctor that has a Basic understanding of dog training and behaviour and is confident telling a dog split they want and what they don’t want.
FAVORITE THINGS: RUNNING, RUNNING, AND MORE RUNNING! Dog parks are a necessity for snowy she needs to be able to run off leash and in a dog park that his fence since she doesn’t have any recall on her yet she doesn’t even know she supposed to come back when called. She could learn this and we can help teach in Adopter how to do this. She Hass heavily comes running back but when she’s done running around so again she needs a fenced dog park. After a while she will learn to stay with her pack. She will be great in a home with another dog very playful YOUNG dog and good size. No small dogs.

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