Solo (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE/DOB: 5 weeks old as of August 1
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium (when full grown)
HISTORY: Working with a Native family who had too many dogs and new puppies, this one was by herself without a mother or siblings.
TEMPERAMENT: Solo is very independent, outgoing, super playful, bold, adventurous, and loving.
PERSONALITY: Solo likes to play with other dogs, even big dogs, rather roughly for a puppy! She is pushy, vocal, and determined. She is a willful, resourceful, smart puppy!
PETS NEEDS: Needs an adopter with a personality to match, which is outgoing, adventurous, outdoor lifestyle. Solo needs basic obedience and a good recall put on her asap. She’s smart enough to start learning especially with clicker work. No couch potatoes or laid back adopter’s. No homebodies! This puppy needs a home with a second young playful dog.
BEST MATCH: A young couple with another outgoing dog that also needs a playmate. An adopter that can appropriately discipline, meaning, immediately letting her know there is to be NO barking, etc. with a firm voice and a quick squirt of the water bottle works! 🙂
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing, relaxing (yes, she relaxes! like a person!), getting cuddles, hanging out with people (she is very people oriented) going on car rides, and more playing with other dogs.

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