Sparkle (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Husky/Shepherd/Lab
AGE: D.O.B. July 9, 2023
HISTORY: Mother was living under cars, trucks and semis at gas station afraid to come to anyone to get help other than food. We finally were able to catch her, the day before she had 9 puppies!
TEMPERAMENT: Very curious. Playful, affectionate, great parental lineage, the Best!
PERSONALITY: A sweetheart!
PETS NEEDS: Adopter to teach reward based training when older, recall at most any age, a home with loving owner who will treat like family and take on regular outings to run off leash at parks when older, a lot of socialization when young, set rules and boundaries when older, a leader.
BEST MATCH: Outdoor active fun lifestyle with friends with dogs. Take hiking, lakes, running, activities when older.
FAVORITE THINGS: Getting attention from people, playing with stuffies, wrestling and cuddling with siblings.

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