Stella (Adoption Pending)

BREED: German Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Between 3 yrs old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium, 50 lbs
HISTORY: Stella is from Lebonan and her rescuer flew with her and two others to Calgary so they could have a home and a good life. She was brought to her rescuer and told her Stella lived on a chain then they let her free, she stayed in the area, gave birth and created her own pack. A cruel man in the neighbourhood put poison out to kill the homeless dogs, then he burned them. Was an awful site and heartbreak for Raseel, the homeless dogs caretaker who feed them, spayed them, and loved them. He killed a lot of dogs cats and few wild animals, 3 of the dogs lived, one was Stella. Stella got poisoned but Raseel was able to save her.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: Stella is outgoing, strong, determined, confident. She is playful with other dogs, can be pushy to get her way, so need an experienced pet owner that knows how to teach rules and boundaries and be pack leader. Stella shows a lot of interest in cats, so best no cats in the household. She has been really good around children. Young children we do not recommend, teens would be better.
BEST MATCH: An adopter home a lot, someone to take her to run at dog parks, ideally hiking, outings to become more socialized to see the outside world. She loves playing with dogs. A single person or couple without children would be best to can give time to her and teach her rules and boundaries. Or a family without a lot of children who has time to bring Stella into their home and does outside activities. Active lifestyle for exercise and then indoors where she loves to be. She’s great in the house as long as no cats who she is too interested in. She could learn to leave them…but best to just place her in home with no cats. She’s never seen any until arrived in Canada, so she does’t know what to make of kitty cats.
FAVORITE THINGS: Stella loves being in the house, she is a homebody. She wants more than anything to be near someone. She is loving yet needs, firm leadership to know her boundaries. She loves food, so have to watch she does not over eat.

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