Stella (ADOPTED!!)


BREED: Jindo/Retriever Cross (Golden Jindo)
SEX: Female
APPROX. AGE: 10 Months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Stella was rescued from an illegal Dog Meat Slaughter House in Korea. The Slaughter House was hidden under a freeway out in a rural area and Go Rescue Korea (a volunteer run animal rescue group) was able to rescue 10 dogs from this sad place. Stella was one of the pups that they were able to rescue and nurse back to health.
TEMPERAMENT: Shy, timid, curious, submissive and easygoing with fur friends
Stella has developed the skill of climbing chain link fences though, so will need to be kept under close supervision or in an area where the fence is not easily scaled.
BEST MATCH: An adopter with a well balanced dog in their home who can show Stella what it means to live in a loving and caring home and guide her through learning the rules. Her rescuers have noted that she watches other dogs and follows their lead, and once confident with the humans she is living with, becomes the most playful pup.
FAVOURITE THINGS: Food, treats, and playing with other dogs.

PLEASE NOTE ABOUT CAGED DOGS: Dogs from S. Korea and China, and a few other countries, lived their short life in a slaughterhouse where they were born to be raised, killed and eaten. They are given no comforts and live in extreme discomfort and terror. They witness violence of the other cage mates and suffer in shockingly horrible conditions all starving, starving and suffering (even though they are raised as ‘food’, with their only food being soupy disgusting dog food itself and other repulsive mix of a soup which also is their only water source. They are living in dilapidated cramped and filthy cages that are never cleaned in extreme heat with nothing to do but look out at other dogs being brutalized. These dogs never see the kindness of a human until someone comes around and rescues the few they can save. The dogs are terrified of being handled by humans that would violently pull them out of cage and physically beat and kill them. They hear sounds of screaming, yelling and beatings. These ‘meat slaughter’ dogs need help learning to trust people. And dogs want to be with humans by nature as well as other dogs for security, companionship, warmth and play.

REHABILITATION INFORMATION FOR POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: It takes time for dogs living in slaughterhouse environment to come around and be a normal pet. Takes patience, kindness, compassion, and the will and desire to help a dog like this become balanced. Also a back yard with secure fencing and another playful medium or large family dog that can help teach the fearful dog about playing. Another dog also helps show a fearful dog about relaxing inside the house, walking on leash, going to dog parks, and that humans aren’t to be feared.

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