BREED: German Shepherd mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Between 3-5 yrs old
HISTORY: Stella was saved off the streets of Lebanon when a man was going around poisoning dogs with laced milk and causing great suffering as well as emotional pain to the two sisters feeding the homeless dogs. Before that she used to live on a chain then they let her free, she stayed in the area, gave birth and created her own pack. The rescuer learned of their existence due to two puppies that got lost from their pack. After that she started putting food and water for all of them, they were a big pack a lot of puppies and took the six surviving puppies for spays and vaccinated them. And I have been feeding them and taking care of them for almost a year. A couple of weeks back an ignorant cruel being decided to put poison to kill all stray dogs surrounding his land. He killed a lot of dogs, cats and few wild animals and 3 of the dogs were the ones she was taking care of. The rest I was forced to take in in order not to die. Stella got poisoned but she actually survived it, sadly, unlike the others.
TEMPERAMENT/PERSONALITY: She is often the leader of the pack. Stella is outgoing, friendly and sweet. She is often unsure with new dogs, needs socialization to learn not to fear them.
BEST MATCH: An adopter that knows dogs, can take their time to teach Stella about being a pet, have time to get used to being around strange dogs at parks. An adopter who has time to teach basic training, rules and boundaries.
FAVORITE THINGS: She has been homeless on the streets, so we would guess favourite things is being with people learning new things, feeling safe and secure. Food, nice soft bed. Loving family.
PLEASE NOTE: Stella, along with Ella and Lassie, are flying in October 16 with her rescuer into Calgary International.

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