BREED: Great Pyrenees
GENDER: Female
AGE: 4.5 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: 40 pounds, Large (when full grown)
HISTORY: Storm was a farm puppy and the original owners could no longer take care of her.
PERSONALITY: “My name is Storm. I am so sweet! I’m a little bit shy at first. BUT, I warm up quick with treats! I love food. I haven’t figured out I’m a big girl yet, I sometimes get scared if a leaf blows by, I’m super clumsy because my legs are so big, I’m still trying hard not to trip over myself. My foster mom thinks it’s adorable. Because I’m shy, I need some time to build confidence. I’m really good with other animals, but they scare me at first. Slow introductions are good for me. I love structure. So if you can be on time every morning to let me out and feed my breakfast by 7:00am would be stellar! And by all means, don’t be shy on the pile of kibble in the morning! I’m good with kids but i forget I’m really big and need help with remembering not to jump! My foster mom says she wants the best home Fur-ever for me. So, if you have a super awesome place for me in your home, Send in an adoption request and come meet me.”
HOW IS DOG WITH CHILDREN: Good (prefer older kids)
HOW IS DOG WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Plays well with dogs. Loves them.
SOCIALIZATION SKILLS/NEEDS: Storm will need some training as she’s just a puppy. Going into public, parks, stores, out and about! 🙂
PETS NEEDS: Ongoing socialization, dog park trips around other dogs and people, off leash to play, basics and teaching rules and boundaries as she matures and learns.
BEST MATCH: A home that has older children. A large fenced yard for her to play and someone with energy to take her on walks and outings to dog par to run and play. Someone who is mostly home during the day. Another playful big or medium dog would be ideal.
FAVORITE THINGS: Treats! Small plush toys, Kongs and fluffy dog bead.

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