BREED MIX: Shepherd/Akita mix
APPROX. AGE: 3 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large, 80lbs

Needs: A home with yard and good fence and another playful, young, low-ranking, submissive type dog. non-threatening, friendly, doggie playmate that also loves to run and be chased. Ted needs an experienced large dog owner that is not push-over. Someone with strong leadership skills that can tell a dog what to do, when to do it (meaning, right now and have the dog respond), and has the desire to give Ted a job. Ted would be best in a working position like Search and Rescue and Nose Work. He’s a natural. He’s not the typical pet since can’t be placed with families with children or cats since he has a jealousy streak, hence, he needs a good, firm, working job that takes him mind on what he was bred to do. He listens exceptionally well. He listens extremely well to instructions, at least anything he knows. He could learn a lot more, so needs someone who has interest in training and teaching a dog.
Ted needs an adopter who knows and understands the importance of Reward-based training. (clicker work is Best!), and be comfortable to reprimand with a stern verbal tone of voice when Ted may be doing something that is not wanted. No heavy handling or aversive trainers wanted here (or ever in that matter).
Personality: Ted is somewhat of a guard dog since he’ll bark when you or anyone arrives home, but will be quiet when you tell him. He is not a chronic barker. He is crate trained and mild mannered. He’s good on leash and lounging around the house. Ted is outgoing, headstrong, determined, hence, a good working dog. He is a very sensitive dog too. He loves people and doing things. He’d make an excellent companion for the right person.
The Right Person: The right person is a dog owner that is responsible, aware of their surroundings, doesn’t take chances that shouldn’t be taken. Someone that is anything but lazy. An outgoing, outdoorsy person is a good match for Ted. A runner, biker, hiker, skier, snow shoeing, anything active a dog can partake in. Ted can handle the cold more than most dogs, so activities in the snow for the most part work for Ted. He would be an excellent Avalanche Search Dog!!
History: Ted actually is famous. He was at the Yellowknife shelter and got to know one of the staff members who left for the day, and somehow Ted managed to get out of his cage and shelter and found her house five miles away! He literally showed up at her door!! Ted was rescued from the Yellowknife area in a First Native community, homeless, hungry and cold.
Favorite things: Car rides, going places. playing with other dogs. Searching for things. Investigating.

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