Teika (ADOPTED!!)

BREED MIX: Alaskan Malamute
GENDER: Female, Spayed
APPROX. AGE & DOB: 1 yr old (July 28 2015)
SIZE: Large
HISTORY: Was left at a Northern Albertan Shelter and they asked if we could take her.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Teika is super friendly with strong personality, she is bold. Not shy, thats for sure! She is determined, willful, loving, affectionate, and rearing to go! She likes adventures and rough-housing with not other young playful dogs that can match her energy and husky style. She can get in scuffs though over food or toys with other dogs, although, it’s not a bad dog fight and usually breaks of on it’s own. She basically needs to learn the rules, and that includes, not picking on other dogs! She needs to learn she is NOT the top dog. You are!
BEST MATCH: An adopter with an active, outdoor, lively lifestyle. Hiking, running, snow-shoeing, ski-jouring, biking. Also an adopter with a strong willed personality like hers. She is super smart, so needs an adopter than can be one step ahead of her. That means watching her if she’s in the mood to pick a fight, you can call her out of it and she stops. She listens well and needs someone to teach her basic training. Clicker work is Best! She needs a leader, not a follower. So an adopter with leadership skill. Knowledge of dog behaviour as well (far different than child psychology). Best suited for an individual or couple without children since they have more time to invest in educating an active dog and meet it’s needs. Teika needs to learn ‘loose-lead’ walking on leash.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing, sparing-type play with other dogs. Investigating, running, and attention from people. Best to use this attention for training, make it fun! Reward when she does what you’re teaching her, not free affection!

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