BREED: Saluki Mix
AGE: 18 months old
HISTORY: Terrence came to the attention of his rescuer in Qatar in the Mid-East, when sent a photograph of the dog tied up with string like a turkey where dogs by the dozens were in need of being rescued. Made no sense he was tied like that, other than someone thought is was entertaining. Abuse and killing dogs brutally is sadly common there. In some countries in mid-east dogs are not even allowed on the street even as pets! The terrible religion sees the moving loving creatures, as dirty! Very luckily, Terrence’s rescuer provided a safe and loving haven at his home, along with a few dozen he also saves and cares for, until he could fly Terrence to Canada for adoption, since no one would adopt him in his country.
TEMPERAMENT: Non-Aggressive, bit scared of new people, unsure in new situations and environment and new dogs that seem scary. Otherwise, he is a playful, loving, goody, sensitive boy!
PERSONALITY: Terrence is very self-assured and while initially he may appear somewhat wary of new situations, he quickly gains his confidence. Terrence loves to play and have people play with him. Terrence has a great personality and is very loveable.
BEST MATCH: Outdoors type of couple or individual with active lifestyle, experienced dog owner. Responsible owner to see to Terrence’s needs to get out and about with good experiences socialization. Leadership skills so Terrence feels safe knowing someone else is in charge. Reward based training is what he needs. Someone to spend time teaching Basic training, recall, sit, down, stay, come, and tricks. All with rewards and fun. Not harsh methods. No reprimands. Reward based training and Terrence will excel. He has such an endearing personality. He is truly a special boy needing someone to teach him reward based training so he can enjoy using his brain and learn what the leader expects when they give him instructions.
FAVORITE THINGS: Terrence loves playing and does enjoy rough and tumble, but also loves cuddles and belly rubs. He also enjoys walks and running. Terrence enjoys going out in the car. Enjoys outings. He would love going often to the dog parks! He’s really good around other dogs if they don’t scare him. With time, he will trust them all.

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