Tiggy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Lab mix
APPROX. AGE: 8 weeks old
SIZE (when full grown): Medium, 55/60 pounds
HISTORY: Momma and litter rescued in October.
TEMPERAMENT: Attentive, patient, determined, lovey.
PERSONALITY: Tiggy is a very smart and loyal boy.
PETS NEEDS: Tiggy is one of the largest in the litter. He is keen and smart. Lots of exercise and love. Tiggy just loves to be with you and loves being outside, he loves being warm inside for snuggle time. Tiggy would thrive in an active home with lots of love and interaction.
BEST MATCH: A home where there is lots of inside and outside time. Lots of love and consistent meal times.
FAVORITE THINGS: Snacks, snuggles, exploring, pinecones and sticks, being warm and full, being told he’s a good boy.

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