Breed: Great Dane mix
Gender: Female
Age: Born Oct 18, 2023
Size: Medium when full grown
History: One of Eleven siblings born to their beautiful Mama who was rescued, starving and using all of her energy to survive, Sweet Lola was brought in and very shortly thereafter gave birth to Tilly.
Personality: Tilly’s energetic demeanour immediately captures the attention of anyone who meets her. She is incredibly smart and curious, always eager to learn new things and explore her surroundings. She is strong-willed but gentle in her approach.
Best Match: Tilly will thrive in a home where she receives plenty of love, attention, and exercise. A family that enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking or running would be an excellent match for her energetic nature. Additionally, a household that values intelligence and seeks to engage in ongoing training and mental stimulation would be the perfect fit.

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