BREED: Pitbull/lab mix
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: Approx. 2 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium (62 lbs). Sturdy.
TEMPERAMENT: This young lady is well, sometimes not exactly a lady! We’re looking for a home for this sweet dog with people, but not with other dogs. She needs a home without other dogs and an adopter who doesn’t want to go to dog parks. Her foster mom has been working with her aggression with other dogs, although, Tina still has bouts when she isn’t into another dog in her hard or in the home. Hence, she needs to be a only dog in the household with responsible adopter’s that know dogs, especially pitbull breed types and understanding that not all pitbull mixes are good natured around other dogs. Unfortunately, they often have short fuses, and this is the case with Tina. It’s genetic, in her DNA. She can be easily trained with basics, however her intolerance of other dogs cannot be entirely trained out. Hence, she needs a special type of adopter. She is though, very sweet and sensitive who loves attention and eager to please. She can get excited and jump up when greeting but calms down quickly. Tina often barks when strangers enter the property. She is selective on the dogs she will play with, and can be reactive with other dogs. She is not good with cats and not a dog to place into homes with children. She has high prey drive towards small animals.
PERSONALITY: Tina is a sweet loving girl with a beautiful smile! She loves all people and is good with kids. Tina is sensitive to her human’s moods and behaviors and is there with a cuddle when you need it. She is headstrong as well, determined, and outgoing. She’s good with people, but we are finding, as mentioned above, she is very reactive towards other dogs even though has been very well socialized. She would need to be muzzled around other dogs, or kept in an adoptive home without other dogs.
BEST MATCH: A home with a fenced yard, an active person to exercise her on leash daily. Good fit for someone who runs. She needs to be in a home with no cats and no small dogs. She can be reactive towards other new dogs, so no dog parks or off leash areas. Not a good fit for a first time dog owner. No cats or small animals due to prey drive. Tina needs a strong, determined adopter to match her own personality, but even more so. An experienced dog owner, best case, experienced pitbull owner. An adopter who understands and enjoys training dogs so Tina can be mentally challenged, not just physically with running and jogging. On hikes, she would need to be muzzles, basket muzzle, to be on the safe side in case meets a dog she’s not fond of. Or, runs into a small dog or cat.
FAVORITE THINGS: Snuggles with her humans and reward based training exercises.

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