BREED MIX: Chihuahua
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE: Small
HISTORY/BACKGROUND: Was found homeless in Las Vegas and ended up in the large shelter. We noticed him very scared in the shelter cage and brought him back with us.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Tinsel if very active, more than most. He LOVES running, hiking, doing things. He has a lively personality, full of beans! Tinsel is very smart, agile, good climber, persistent personality, determined, happy to lucky. A fun little dog that looks a bit like an elf. He has a very cute underbite!
BEST MATCH: An active adopter who would like a jogging buddy! Even short bike rides. Hiking for sure! Running on beach or around lake. Someone to engage with him in activities that involved movement! He can relax when done playing, lounging on the couch. He loves to get attention then. He’s good around all the dogs, cats, people and kids. May be too lively for young children though. Anyone looking for a small dog to compete in agility, he’s the one!
NEEDS: Tinsel needs a big yard, fenced, and outings to dogs parks, cabins, and some basic training.
FAVORITE THINGS: Running on a hiking trail!

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