Wero (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Terrier mix
APROX. AGE: 10 months old
SIZE / WEIGHT: 16 lbs
HISTORY: He was found in the street along with another dog, starving, mangy, homeless, in Tijuana, Mexico. Luckily he didn’t end up in the local pound, a place no dog or cat want to ever be, or a human!
TEMPERAMENT: Wero is very Happy, playful, full of energy.
PERSONALITY: Friendly, goofy, funny, endearing, loving, and active. He is quite a character with a lot of pep, lots of expression. He is even cuter in person. He’s up for adventure! Not a submissive type, or shy, Wero it ready to go somewhere, meet people, do things, and wanting affection and attention.
DOGS NEEDS: He is good with dogs and loves playing with dogs somewhat larger than him. He loves to wrestle. So a home with another young dog would be beneficial. No couch potatoes! Wero needs a home with outgoing people. Adopters who have active outdoor lifestyles. Wero would love to join in and can handle the snow fairly well for a little dog.
BEST MATCH: His best match would be a young couple or single person that loves hiking, jogging, going places, dog parks, and a yard to investigate when outside. Wero needs someone to teach him some basic training. He is Super smart, eager, and learns fast!
FAVORITE THINGS: Going places on car trips. Road trip?! Let’s go!

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