Whimsy (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Mastiff mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: Born 22/11/2020
SIZE/WEIGHT: Large (65lbs+++ when fully grown)
HISTORY: Whimsy was born in the warm and loving environment of the Sanctuary. Her mom, Zara, was found homeless, skinny, starving, and very pregnant on a Reserve.
TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, keen to learn, and energetic.
PERSONALITY: Whimsy can be unsure of new things at first, but the more she’s discovering the world, she’s blossoming into this curious and happy little puppy. She is a very fast and keen learner; her food motivation is very high. She loves to cuddle. She has been taught basic manners such as sitting to go in and out of the house/pen, and her crate and leash training are going very well.
GOOD WITH CATS? Curious about cats, might bark at them to try and get them to play, we refocus her to a toy when this happens.
GOOD WITH DOGS? Loves playing with her mom and her sister Feisty. Cautious of new dogs, and new people; she didn’t have the chance to meet that many friends yet, but will be great if introduced at her own pace.
GOOD WITH OTHER ANIMALS? Did not get the chance to meet other animals yet.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Whimsy is going to be a big dog. She will need a lot of socialization with new people, dogs, and places in the next couple of months. She needs someone confident, who will be able to implement rules, boundaries and keep her physically/mentally stimulated.
BEST MATCH: Outdoorsy couple or family with older children (12 years old or older). Someone patient to help her discover the world at her own pace and that will keep her physically, and mentally active.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with her sister Feisty, Squeaky toys, chewing stuff, going on walks in the neighbourhood, learning new tricks, cuddles.

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