Whylie Coyote

BREED: Shepherd/Husky mix
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 year old
HISTORY: Was one of the dogs rounded up in N. Saskatchewan after learning a ‘culling’ was going to take place. Was found scrounging for food in freezing conditions.
TEMPERAMENT: Lively, frisky, somewhat nervous of new people and dogs, just takes time for him to become adjusted to a home type of life. Loves playing with dogs once he knows them.
PERSONALITY: Super smart and sensitive. Would be a very loyal dog once he knows and trusts you. Very alert.
BEST MATCH: An outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys the snow and doing things. Not for first time pet owner, someone who knows shepherds and huskies or outgoing dogs is best. Someone who bikes, runs, hikes. He enjoys lounging around the house after playing in big yard with dogs. An adopter who wants to take the time to become friends, one on one reward based training only. A leader type owner. Another dog in household that is playful and balanced.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs. Eating nice meals, a warm cozy bed.

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