Willow (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Husky
GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 6-7 months old
WEIGHT: Medium, 40 lbs
HISTORY: She was living outside in north Saskatchewan remote town and was rescued with a few dozen other homeless and starving dogs in -40.
TEMPERAMENT: Willow is calm and easy going, loves to be around people. Willow is a fantastic dog, she is so easy, quick to learn and wonderful to have around.
PERSONALITY: “I love to play with my foster brother who is the same age. We could wrestle and play tug of war for hours. I was pretty possessive with my food the first day but now we share the same bowls even though we have our own. I like to follow my foster mom around and know where she is. I sleep through the night beside my foster mom’s bed but they all go out for work and school I go in my crate and am good until they come back. Although I don’t ask to go outside they let me out frequently and I haven’t had an accident in the house. My furry foster brother has taught me lots of dog things. I walk great on a leash now that I know what that thing is, no pulling but sometimes I like to stop and look around. I don’t run a lot yet because I like to see what’s all around me. My worst behaviour is I jump up to see what food is on the counter, I am getting much better and get right down when my foster mom says down. My foster mom says I am one of the best dogs she’s had and that I am very smart and learn quickly. I have big kids here and haven’t seen small kids yet but I like everybody I meet so far.”
BEST MATCH: I can be the only dog in the house and will love the attention or I would also be great with a dog that wants to play. I really want to check out the cats but they don’t like me to get to close because I’m super excited when I see them. I really just want to sniff them and be close to them.
FAVORITE THINGS: I like squeaky toys, ropes, bones, balls and did I say I like squeaky toys? I also love love love treats!! Oh and belly rubs!

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