Willow (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
GENDER: Female
AGE: 2 Years, 4 Months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, 28 lbs
HISTORY: Acquired from Dutch Girl Corgi’s in Montana at 8 weeks old, lived with owner until surrendered to us for resource biting.
TEMPERAMENT: Very playful and energetic, but can become bored and grumpy.
PERSONALITY: Defiant, Playful, Loves Routine, Loving.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS, KIDS, OTHER ANIMALS: Only minor interactions typically on walks, seems to be curious for some dogs/cats, playful but can also be cautious or fearful. Children very curious.
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Willow has history of resource/food guarding. She loves attention and affection and will actively seek it out but can quickly change her mind on it, then becoming anxious or fearful as you interact with her or try to stand up. Seems to be especially fearful/anxious of hands specifically when someone tries to take food or possessions she has gathered. Willow is good around other dogs and cats, but can show possession jealousy so needs an owner to inform her, that is not allowed, using reward based training, very mild reprimands, and not to nature unwanted behaviour, which is what she experienced previously. 
BEST MATCH: Very responsible and experienced pet owner to work with her guarding by safely removing items and returning them. Getting Willow out for exercise, one of the best ways to help with behavioural problems, tire the dog out! Off leash at dog park where she can run and hike. She can climb uphill, which is great at exercise. Willow would work well in a condo or apartment as long as went out regularly for walks, hikes and running. Willow needs an anxiety free adopter. Her previous owners had anxiety which led to Willow becoming nervous and out of balance. Willow needs a confident, responsible owner, no children, and can work with her Resource guarding in a safe and appropriate manner rewarding her for good behaviour. Willow needs an owner who is not a couch potato, rather someone who likes to get out and about daily for exercise, dog parks, hikes and short runs and walks on leash. She needs an adaptor that understands rules and boundaries, to teach manners, and understands no talk no touch no affection in first meeting a dog and how to be a pack leader. More basic training with Rewards. An adopter who has time to you invest in Willows modification behaviour program.
FAVORITE THINGS: Throwing a tennis ball! Playing tug of war or chasing a new toy or chewing an appropriate dog item. Spending time outside together (sitting in the yard while she walks around).

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