Wishbone (ADOPTED!!)

Breed: Cojack (Corgi x Jack Russell Terrier Cross)
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Size: Small
History: One of five dogs rescued from an abandoned house in Tijuana by our partner organization Santuario Esperanza (a volunteer animal rescue organization in Rosarito, Mexico). The five pups were all extremely emaciated, dehydrated and fearful.
Temperament: Wishbone is an extremely sweet pup who absolutely loves people. She plays well with other dogs and will seek pets and scritches whenever she sees the opportunity, scooching her nose under any free hands. Wishbone gets excited whenever anyone gives her any attention, her little tail going wild – it doesn’t just wag back and forth, it wags round and round like a little propeller preparing for lift off!
Best match: An adopter who will give her lots of love and pets galore! An adopter/adopters who will make sure she gets all the love she could ever ask for and make up for the unfortunate history she experienced as a pup.
Favourite Things: Going on walks with her humans, checking out the dog park, chasing balls, and getting lots of pets and treats!

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