Yani (Awaiting Transfer. Available for Pre-Adoption)


BREED: German Shepherd/Lab Cross
SEX: Female
APPROX. AGE: 11 months old (as of November 2018)
SIZE & WEIGHT: Medium-Large
HISTORY: Yani was surrendered to Open Paws Jeddah (a volunteer run animal rescue organization in Saudi Arabia) when she was around 2 months old. They then were able to find her a temporary foster home – unfortunately, they were inexperienced and did not try to help Yani get over her fears, instead they ended up encouraging them by allowing her to stay inside due to her fear of the outdoors, etc. She was then moved to another foster home, where although the foster had good intentions, Yani was allowed to resource and food guard – leading to her learning food aggression. Yani was then removed from that home and put into a boarding facility. Later on, Yani was moved to another temporary foster, who had lots of experience with basic training, but unfortunately after Yani was spayed (as well as vaccinated and microchipped), she became very aggressive towards her fosters. Yani was then returned to the boarding facility.
TEMPERAMENT: Yani is a very sweet and friendly dog, who is highly food motivated. She is a quick learner who has responded well to learning her manners, and gets along well with other dogs, and with the patient help of her temporary foster family in Saudi Arabia, has learned to get along with kids and strangers as well. Yani is still a baby, and has a lot of potential!
BEST MATCH: An adopter who will continue to teach Yani the rules of living in a home, to continue retraining her to reduce her resource guarding/food aggression, and how to interact with other dogs, humans and any animals she may encounter. An adopter who is willing to commit the time to helping Yani grow up to be the best she can be, and knows how to work with larger breeds.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, cuddles, fetch, playing with other dogs, and pets!

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