Breed: Great Pyranees mix
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months old
Size: Large
History: We rescued his pregnant, homeless mother who had puppies shortly thereafter. Yeti is being re-homed since previous owners can’t keep him any longer.
Personality/temperament: Very playful, loving, curious but can be shy at first and sometimes bark at strangers approaching. Friendly with dogs and would love a playmate in his new home! Has a big bark. Can be a guard dog in that respect.
Best match: An adopter who has an active lifestyle all year round. No couch potatoes. Yeti will need someone who understands that he will grow up and need regular exercise, he would make a great running or hiking partner. At first he will need some training and supervision when visiting the dog park or meeting a group of new dogs as he can get excited. Setting boundaries in the house and doing basic training such as recall will be a must. Teach him you are the leader and to pay attention, and then praise and reward. Not a good match for a first time pet owner. An adopter confident with dogs. Not a pushover. Can and will set rules and boundaries. Someone that can teach basic training. An adopter who runs, Yeti would make a great jogging buddy!

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