BREED: Husky/lab mix
APPROX. AGE: 1.5 year old
WEIGHT: Medium
HISTORY: From N. Saskachewan First Nations, homeless, starving, lonely and very cold.
TEMPERAMENT: Very lively, outgoing, super playful, tons of energy.
PERSONALITY: Quirky, funny, full of bean and energy.
BEST MATCH: An Adopter with outdoor lifestyle that can take him running, on bike, hiking, adventures, and big back yard with high fencing. Yuki can jump low fences. He runs around to the front of the house. Needs someone to teach him basics with reward based training, rules and boundaries. Not for first time pet owner. Must be pack leader type adopter. No couch potatoes or push overs! He is good with most dogs, some unneutered mildly aggressive dogs he doesn’t care for.
FAVORITE THINGS: Personal one on one attention. He’s very smart. Running. Being active and have a person to share activities with.
NOTE: Not good with cats, indoor or out. No cats, he would chase them if outdoors, and he runs fast. Cats would unlikely have a chance. His prey drive towards them his high. So, not cats.

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