BREED: Husky/Shepherd
GENDER: Female
AGE: 5.5 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium (when full grown)
HISTORY: Found homeless, hungry, starving and lonely. We were called to pick up by concerned ladies.
TEMPERAMENT: Happy go lucky, playful, curious, outgoing.
PECKING ORDER: Middle ranking.
PERSONALITY: Loving, bit shy but coming out of her shell. Loves to play with dogs!
BEST MATCH: Someone with another playful dog or has access to other dogs, dog parks, and outings. Zander is up for an adventure! Everything is so new to her. An adopter to teach basic training, rules, boundaries, proper discipline. Exercise, to run off leash daily. To take to play with other dogs.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing with other dogs, food, comfy bed.

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