Zeus (Adoption Pending)

PLEASE NOTE: Profile below is from kennel manager from northern Albertan shelter. We are looking for transport to Calgary. Please email us about transport/arrival time frame. We are looking for homes for Zeus and Apollo together.
NAME: Zeus (and his brother Apollo)
BREED: Rottweiler
APPROX. AGE: 8 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large breed, 42.3kg
HISTORY: Surrendered January 10, 2018 with his brother Apollo. Came in knuckling front paws, which means, his paw curled inward, usually due to an injury. Vet is unsure of duration of symptoms as no medical history provided on either dog. Appears not to be in pain and never seems to slow him down when playing etc, but does go for shorter walks.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Zeus is always smiling and is incredibly affectionate with people. He loves being outside and running around our dog park with Apollo. He is not great with other dogs but has been in a home with cats where the owner said he was fine. Zeus has shown some prey drive and would be recommended best suited in a home with no other pets (with exception of Apollo). Shows some barrier reactivity in kennel environment, especially with large male dogs. Understands basic commands.
BEST MATCH: Zeus is looking for a quiet retirement home. He will do best in a home with no pets besides his brother Apollo, and adults or older children only. Zeus has been around young children and has been fine but the boys sometimes forget their size and are very excitable.
FAVORITE THINGS: Zeus loves the outdoors and spending time with people. He loves to play with toys and is extremely food motivated.
** Zeus and Apollo have been a bonded pair for 8 years and have showed signs of high stress when attempted to separate them overnight. They are generally kept in separate kennels where they are able to see each other, but were separated to different rooms for 3 nights in the attempt to prepare them to potentially be adopted out separately. It didn’t work out well, hence, the two need to be adopted out together.

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