Zeus & Apollo

BREED: Rottweilers
APPROX. AGE: 8 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large breed, 42.8kg
HISTORY: Surrendered January 10, 2018 with his brother Zeus in far northern Albertan shelter. They contacted us for help in placing after 200 days at the shelter. We are looking to adopt Apollo out with his brother Zeus.
TEMPERAMENT & PERSONALITY: Apollo takes a little more time to warm up to you but when he does he is very loving and protective. He is always watching out for Zeus and is generally calm natured. He loves being out in our dog park and running around with Zeus. He can go on pack walks with other dogs and walks great on the leash. He understands basic commands and is very food motivated.
BEST MATCH: Apollo is looking for a quiet retirement home. He will benefit from lots of space and access to outdoors. Adults or older children (10+) would likely suit him best, and we believe he would do best adopted out with Zeus, if possible.
FAVORITE THINGS: Apollo LOVES treats and going for long walks. He loves the outdoors and hanging out at the park with his brother.
*NOTE FROM SHELTER IN N. ALBERTA: Zeus and Apollo have been a bonded pair for 8 years and have showed signs of stress when we attempted to separate them overnight.

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