Zeus (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Saint Bernard
APPROX. AGE: 6 years old, was born June 15 2012
SIZE & WEIGHT: Very large, 170 lbs.
HISTORY: Zeus is from a previous owner who has to move into an apartment that does not allow pets.Finding Zeus a nice home in a snowy community in winter would make previous owner and Zeus very happy.
TEMPERAMENT: He is a sweet big boy that can get anxious if around loud noises. A calm environment is best.
PERSONALITY: Zeus is a playful boy that enjoys people he knows, but can be protective of his family and growl at strangers entering the house. We’ve heard he is good around other dogs, and we will know more about that soon once we have observed him around different types of dogs! (Please check back with us for updates!)
BEST MATCH: Zeus loves being around children, so a family is a good match. Also a couple or individual that would take him walking and out in the snow in winter on a daily basis. Being he is a St. Bernard he would need an adopter that can keep up with his fur with regularly brushing and professional grooming once a year would be ideal.
FAVORITE THINGS: He loves walks and going to the dog park, bath time since he loves the attention. He loves cuddles. Frozen bones his favourite treat.

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