Anook (Adoption Pending)


AGE: 2.5 years old
SIZE: Medium, small as far as huskies go.
HISTORY: Abandoned in Qatar where its extremely hot with little to no shade There is no reprieve since its hot even at night. He is very social with humans and dogs. Rescuer was alerted about him living on the beach with no coverage at all, he was severely dehydrated and spent days in the vet on IV.
Temperament: He’s pretty chilled as far as huskies go, not over energetic but does love his playtime, running is always wonderful. He likes children, really sweet and affectionate, a bit shy. nothing phases him. He’s a real chilled boy. He lived with Nakita, they get along well.
Personality: Calm, just a sweetheart, is good on his own. Independent. Good match for someone that has to work and doesn’t have another dog. Sounds like he is also good for a condo as far as dog and huskies go.
Small dogs: He is fine.
Children: Good with kids, but not in his face.
Cats: Not sure will check.
FAVORITE THINGS: Loves to go off and chew a chewy. Would love dog parks. Hiking, running, we know will love snow!

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