GENDER: Female
AGE: 3 years old
SIZE: Medium/Large
HISTORY: April has been in a shelter for two years. April was found in Qatar, the Mid-East, found on a sheik’s farm in deplorable conditions. Please check back for photos if like to see them. Very luckily, someone took kitty on April and she was removed and taken to a shelter. At least she is fed and cared for, however, the heat in summer the dogs cannot escape. It’s miserable, especially for dogs like huskies. She lived in a shelter with 85 other rescued dogs, so doesn’t get much one on one attention from people.
Temperament: She is sooooo calm, a strange husky, but just needs reassurance and a sofa.
Personality: April Loves to be around others, she is not a fighter and lives with other mixed breeds, never a fight. April is a real calm girl. She enjoys her down time in her own space and loves her own space around others as well. A family would suit her fine. April is a really good dog that deserves to leave the heat and boredom of Qatar and be with someone that loves and cares for her.
Small dogs: Absolutely fine. April is a sweetheart.
Children: Good with kids, but not in her face and not little kids. Must have supervision, like all dogs.

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