Breed: St. Bernard/Husky mix
Gender: Male
Age: 7 weeks old
Size: Medium when full grown
History: One of Eleven siblings born to their beautiful Mama who was rescued from the freezing cold. Starved and using all of her energy to survive, Sweet Lola was brought in and very shortly thereafter gave birth to this gorgeous litter. The mother, Lola, has the most wonderful personality.
Personality: Despite being the smallest boy in the litter, Archie sure has a big personality! He adores playing and doesn’t hesitate to seek attention from his human companions. His small size doesn’t hinder his enthusiasm for life, as he is always ready for fun and adventure. When it’s time to wind down, Archie loves nothing more than snuggling up for some well-deserved nap time cuddles. His cute appearance and charming antics make him irresistible to anyone who meets him. Despite his love for activity, Archie also appreciates some quiet time away from the action. He enjoys observing his surroundings and taking in the world around him. This balance of playfulness and introspection makes Archie a well-rounded and delightful addition to any loving home.

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