Beth (Adoption Pending)

BREED: Shepherd/Lab/Hound mix
GENDER: Female
AGE: 6 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large (when full grown)
HISTORY: Mother rescued freezing, starving and sick in Manitoba Reserve. A Transport brought them out. Her mother is the most loving, well balanced, affectionate, easy going dog. We do not know the father. Beth’s mother was found freezing with many infections, her knee needing surgery, highly depressed, and suffering. She now, like Beth, is in a loving, safe home.
PERSONALITY: Extremely sweet puppy. Very playful, loving, affectionate.
BEST MATCH: Adopter who goes out lots with their dog, has another playful dog or a big yard. Beth loves her dog friends and absolutely loves our cats. She loves to play fetch, run to the lake with the other dogs or hop in the car to the lake, she is learning how to swim and loves the water. She likes to lick her Kong and explore! Enjoys napping in the safety of her crate or beside you on the couch.An adopter to take Beth to get more socialized, play, fun off-leash and set rules and boundaries. Another dog in family would be great too. Beth loves playing with dogs and following them around.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, people! Runny and playing outside with other dogs and investigating. Wrestling with her siblings.
NOTE: Beth is in foster care in BC near Penticton and has developed a ‘cherry eye’. We are trying to raise money for surgery to remove it and hoping an adopter who would also be interested in helping towards it as well.

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