BREED: Saluki Retriever Mix
AGE: 1 Years 10 months old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium/Large
HISTORY: Bradley was born in September of 2019 at a desert in Qatar. He was the only surviving pup and therefore spent most of his days with his parents who are both Saluki Retriever Crosses, and as a pup was wary of strangers since he had not been handled by people, and the ones around, were not kind to the dogs or even the puppies. Bradley was trapped (by darting) and neutered in August 2021, following which the decision was made by his rescuer not to return him, due to the imminent closure of the desert building site being abandoned, and no one out there to then take the dogs to sometimes feed and give water.
TEMPERAMENT: Non-Aggressive and loving
PERSONALITY: Warm, friendly and confident dog, with no sign of any aggression. Like most Saluki’s loves his cuddles, rubs, and being brushed.
HOW IS DOG WITH CATS: We don’t know but would not recommend
PETS NEEDS/BEHAVIOURAL INFO: Since being rescued Bradley personality has completely changed for the better, with no known behavioural issues, since he received kind and compassion from his rescuers. He then lived in a shelter though, with little one on one with people due to lack of volunteers or staff to walk or give attention to.
BEST MATCH: Given his personality and non-aggressive temperament Bradley would make a marvellous family member in any situation. Being its so hot in Qatar, and he has long fur, he likely would love the outdoor climate of the Rockies in winter in snow. Good hiking, biking, running, companion on car adventures. Outdoor lifestyle would be great, and/or home with another dogs good too. Someone that knows basic training so can teach using Reward Based training methods. However, as mentioned above while Bradley is good around other dogs we do not know about cats. We will have the opportunity to find out when he arrives into Calgary International at the end of September.
FAVORITE THINGS: Food, loves cuddles and brushing, walks on leash and going out in the car.

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