BREED: Shepherd mix
AGE: 6.5 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large, 75 pounds
SURRENDER: Gunner was a surrender.
TEMPERAMENT: He’s very aware of what’s going on around him, and very calm at the same time. He’s mild-mannered and very dedicated to is family and owner. He will gravitate towards someone else if they will throw a ball for him. This is one very smart dog with an easy-going temperament. He does though not like anyone to touch his ears. Also not keen about clipping his nails. Hence, no children.
PERSONALITY: Gunner is extremely smart, one of the smartest ever met. He’s not big on hugging, but dearly wants to be with people who love him and he loves. Or, anyone he finds that will throw a tennis ball for him! You can tell when he’s thinking, what he’s feeling, and his presence is an old soul. He grows on you as a very good friend. He has a comforting presence once he gets to know him and he knows you. He avoids any conflicts and really wants to be in peace, with harmony, and a quiet safe environment, his personality is very casual. He wants to be with people, and a tennis ball! He’s the type of dog to take off hiking, to creeks and lakes, car rides, and up to chase or run and jog with you. Stays with you biking too. At night he just wants to follow you to your room and lay down on a cozy blanket.
HOW IS PET WITH CATS: Not good. He likely would harm and even kill a cat outside chasing it. He chases squirrels up trees. But no cats, they would not be safe with him.
HOW IS PET WITH DOGS: Gunner is good around dogs. He plays with some dogs but he’s more into chasing a ball and bringing it back to you and gently dropping it next to you to toss again, over and over. He waits til other dogs are not around so he can drop the ball next to you. He will play with dogs that try and make him play, he likes bigger dogs to play with. He sits in the backseat of the truck with other dogs on the way to the dog park. He mainly wants to play ball. Can you throw one far for him??
HOW IS PET WITH KIDS: We would not recommend with children. He’s been good around children however he bit after someone was cleaning out his ears. He does not like people touching him around his head or petting him if he doesn’t know a hand is there.
BEST MATCH: An adopter that realizes Gunner has his limitations with handling, such as his ears. He does not like anyone trying to clean out his ears and he likely can bite to tell someone to stop. He does not have patience with people handing his face and ears. Hence needs a responsible mature pet owner that realizes he’s not a tolerant dog when it comes to touching him in those areas. He’s a great companion and makes you feel safe having him around your home. Someone experienced with with large breeds, in particular, Shepherd’s. Does not need a home with another dog. He’s fine being the only dog and being left when you go to work or come and go. But he loves to go on adventures with people for car rides. He waits in the car with no problem till you come back. Also someone that does not overfeed their dogs. Gunner tends to over eat if you let him, you can and you need to watch his waist for his own good! He mainly need someone to throw a tennis ball every day, many times a day! He has been crate trained somewhat however he really doesn’t need a crate. He’s best just left in the home because he’s non-destructive, and lays next to your bed at night. He stays around property outside and it’s not a dog that runs off. He need some basic training to pay more attention to come when called although he’s not bad but just some basic training so he knows you’re a leader. That you’re in charge. He supposed to follow you the owner. He does need remedial basic training. But he’s keen learner and learns extremely fast. He loves to work and he will work for food.
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing fetch with a tennis ball! Gunner is the type of dog that is a true companion. Gunner needs an adopter that has experience with large breeds and shepherds in particular. He need someone that that’s not overindulge a dog in affection and understands to use it as praise rather and food or hugging. Someone that can offer activity, running, jogging, throwing balls and sticks. He’s an older dog but extremely fit for his age. He loves running and runs fast.

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