Gunner (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Shepherd mix
AGE: 6 years old
SIZE & WEIGHT: Large, 75 pounds
SURRENDER: Gunner was a surrender.
TEMPERAMENT: Seems like a college professor. He’s very aware of what’s going on around him, and very calm at the same time. He’s mild-mannered and very dedicated to is family and owner. He will gravitate towards someone else if they will throw a ball for him. And it needs to be a tennis ball! This is one very smart dog with an easy-going temperament.
PERSONALITY: Gunner acts almost human. You can tell when he’s thinking, what he’s feeling, and his presence is an old soul. He grows on you as a very good friend. He has a comforting presence was he get to know him and he knows you. Avoid any conflicts and really wants to be in peace, with harmony, and a quiet safe environment, at what time his personality is very casual, and a great comfort and security at the same time. He always feel secure with Gunner around. Usually we post we want the owner or adopter to offer the pet a secure environment but with Gunner it’s almost as if he presents the sense of peace, harmony, and security. And it’s as if he is ready at your command to go on a hike, get in the car, and up for an adventure. At night he just wants to follow you to your room and lay down on a cosy blanket next to your bed where he sleeps all night until you are ready to get up.
HOW IS PET WITH CATS: Gunner has high prey drive and does not do well with cats.
HOW IS PET WITH DOGS: Gunner plays with some dogs but he’s way more into chasing a ball and bringing it back to you and gently dropping it next to you to toss. He waits till other dogs are not around so he can leave it right next to you. He will play with dogs and try and make him play, he likes bigger dogs to play with. He sits in the backseat of the truck with other dogs on the way to the dog park in the back of a jeep with many dogs and he’s chill with all of them.
HOW IS PET WITH KIDS: We would not recommend with children. He’s been good around children but we have to watch out for any type of food aggression so we do not recommend children in the household.
BEST MATCH: Adopter who does not have¬†and not adopting cats or kittens.¬†Adopter who loves the dog that plays fetch is and will play with him at least a good amount of time twice a day, in the morning and sometime throughout the day. Will take them to dog Park to run an explore, in your vehicle on trips into town and on adventures. He needs mental and physical exercise and then he can enjoy a relaxing inside your home. He is not a good candidate for a Crate nor does he need one. Also someone that does not overfeed their dogs. Gunner tends to over eat if you can and you need to watch his waist for his own good! Connor would be a good match is the only dog or with another dog. He’s not one that hast to have another dog in the household the plate play with. He mainly need someone to throw a tennis ball every day, many times a day! And someone that has a good pitching arm!
FAVORITE THINGS: Playing fetch with a tennis ball! Playing fetch with a tennis ball! Oh where are you said that. We just want to make sure you get that part!! Gunner is the type of dog that is a true companion. Almost as if you were say human version in a furry body. Gunner needs an adopter that has experience with large breeds and shepherds in particular wouldn’t hurt. He need someone that that’s not overindulge a dog in affection and understands to use it as praise. Someone that can offer Gunner mental stimulation, maybe even mild agility he would love, someone that does not want to go long walks on leash but better to dog park to let him run free and not feel constrained by a leash, and what would be really wonderful would be a search and rescue/sniffer work course.

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