Hendrix (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Cockapoo
AGE: 5 years old (born Dec. 8, 2016)
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, 20 lbs
HISTORY: A surrender dog due to overactive household and anxiety-triggered nipping with fast movement.
TEMPERAMENT: Hendrix is a very sensitive boy by nature. He is a middle ranking pup with very endearing qualities. He becomes your true friend little by little, trusting more each day.
PERSONALITY: Hendrix is playful. He could play all day long if you throw his favourites toys. He likes a lot of attention and does not like to be alone at all. He does truly like to cuddle though. Hendrix is good with all dogs now. He arrived fearful, but after rehab he’s fine even with the big ones he was once scared of. He needs more on-going socialization with new places, new people, outings. He’s good around cats and children if not fast movement and not reaching for him.
NEEDS: Because Hendrix is so high energy, he needs a lot of trips to dog park each week to run. An adopter who realizes Hendrix can get anxious if anyone reaches for him to grab his collar or him. No serious sounding or physical reprimands. Mostly positive reinforcement with food and happy voice. Exercise to run. Mental stimulation to tire him out and so he can use his brain. Needs more socialization around new people coming inside the house, especially men. Once they are in, he settles down when told.
BEST MATCH: Hendrix would do well in a quiet home with no children. Active people would probably enjoy him, joggers, hikers, dog park outings, adventures with you in car.
FAVORITE THINGS: Having people throw his favourite toy. He retrieves! Sleeping right next to you at night. He’s a snuggler. Wants to be with people all day and with you in car rides. He’s great in the car when waiting to run errands. Stuffed Kongs and meal time. He also loves carrots and most all people food. Only high quality kibble. He knows the difference if not quality. He deserves the best! He loves to jump on your bed at night with permission and cuddle up next to you quietly all night long.


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