Hobo (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Heeler/Husky
APPROX. AGE: 5 months old
SIZE: Medium
HISTORY: Found homeless on a country highway in middle of street with two other starving by a traveler in a van, cold young dogs near Calgary.
TEMPERAMENT: Very calm and loves to snuggle. Fosterers favourite. Hobo is a love bug!
PERSONALITY: Learning how to play, loves other dogs and cats. Will be great with kids, other animals, anyone!
PETS NEEDS: Someone to love him he really is a sweet pup. Set rules and boundaries. Take to run off leash and exercise. Basic obedience.
BEST MATCH: Another dog would be ideal but he’s a super snuggler.
FAVORITE THINGS: Other dogs. Attention at this point, and his nice warm bed and food of course. Car rides and adventures, Hiking and playing with other dogs in the near future! He is growing up fast! So adopt so can still enjoy his puppyhood!

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