Hope (ADOPTED!!)

BREED: Yellow Lab/Collie Mix (Short fur)
GENDER: Female
DOB: July 10, 2021
SIZE/WEIGHT: Medium (when full grown)
HISTORY: Mom was surrendered with serious eye injury along with her 2 week old puppies. Hope was one of them.
TEMPERAMENT: One of the smallest puppies in the litter and looks most like her Mom. She is a very sweet little pup who loves to be held and watch everything going on, she loves to snuggle into your neck when tired. She is middle of the litter for energy, and plays with all her littermates equally. She is social, curious and very well balanced puppy.
PERSONALITY: She loves belly rubs and following people around to see what they are doing.
FAVORITE THINGS: Loves to be held, belly rubs, and chewies. Enjoys playing, rough housing with her siblings and other puppies.

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