GENDER: Female
APPROX. AGE: 2 years old
SIZE: Medium, 24 kgs
HISTORY: Iris is a a bit passive and gets pushed around by the other 85 dogs at the shelter she lives with in Qatar. It’s extremely hot, especially for a husky with a double coat. People there buy husky puppies from breeders, then don’t take care of them, often abandoning them in the desert or leaving out on the streets. They are then killed by beatings by police/government that want their country to look ‘pristine and perfect”.
PERSONALITY: Iris is very friendly, very affectionate. She gets along with the other dogs in the shelter. She is timid, bit shy, and loving. She wants a home, like all dogs, with someone that loves her, will take care of her. She will in turn return love and devotion. She is a good pet.
TEMPERAMENT: A good family pet, not crazy energy but she’s young, needs training but really sweet, quite gentle.
Children: Good with kids, but not in his face and not small kids.
Cats: We do not recommend with cats. Told she is not good with them. May see cats as prey.

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